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1. Mortgage Securitisation Claims Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MSCL”) have designed our website(s) and any printed or electronic media with the intention of providing you, the general public, with a source of information regarding the potential filing of a claim against your Bank/Lender regarding 'Mortgage Securitisation'. MSCL.,was a wholly owned subsidiary of Camellus Law LLP, which was the trading style and former legal division of Legal Quest plc. And is now completely independent and has no remaining links to same.

2. Whilst we endeavour to maintain our website(s) or any printed/electronic media current in respect to the information contained therein and as up to date as possible, we cannot accept any liability or responsibility for any mistakes or omissions thereto.

3. The content of the website(s) and/or printed/electronic media is for general information and guidance purposes only. We offer our services to those who feel they need assistance, and if instructed will arrange for Legal Quest plc to conduct a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) for you with a declared retainer contribution of £260.00, for the provision of such services.

Rarely, individual cases may require a more tailored approach to such services, where circumstances warrant and will differ from person to person, however, no additional costs will be applied, unless agreed in advance with our clients.

For selected UK lenders which are detailed at the sign-up stage, we have agreed to waive the payment of the £260.00 in full, apart from a token £1.00 security and validation charge, to ensure that each MSC applicant is a real person.

4. We will be happy to discuss the specifics of your situation with you and, for the sake of avoidance of errors, such discussions shall only be conducted in writing via email and/or written correspondence, if and when you instruct us, and/or are introduced by our recommended panel law firm or marketing/media associates to act on your behalf.

MSCL formally advise you that you should always seek independent legal advice, before deciding to take, or not to take, legal action and will continue to remind and advise you of this important aspect, throughout our dealings with you.

5. By using the MSCL website(s) and/or any printed or electronic media provided by MSCL or one of our appointed Advertising Media Partners (AMP’s) and the information contained within, you agree to be bound by these, our terms and conditions of use. In particular, we will not be liable for any losses, damages (whether direct or indirect and including, without limitation, loss suffered as a result of breach of these terms which was not a foreseeable consequence of the breach, lost profits, lost opportunity, goodwill, loss of contracts, increased costs or expenses) arising out of the use or inability to access the information on the website(s), or as a result of any errors or omissions on the website(s) or in any printed or electronic media.

6. MSCL do aim to make sure that the website(s) is/are operational 24 hrs a day, but cannot guarantee this, as there are aspects pertaining to the operation of the site that are beyond our physical control and, if needed, we may suspend access to the website(s) at any time and for any reason and without notice.

7. MSCL and the information contained on their website(s) or in any printed or electronic media provided by MSCL does not provide legal advice or, makes any offers of any sort, other than the provision of services which are detailed and, which are provided at a fixed cost declared in advance. By using the MSCL website(s), you agree that you are not relying on the information in the site, or any printed or electronic media provided by MSCL and, any content therein, and that at any point, you may take independent professional advice, if you choose to do so.

8. We cannot accept any liability for any viruses that may be downloaded as a result of using our site(s) or any site to which you may be linked to by such use, although we do endeavour to ensure that the website and any links are free from viruses.

9. We make no warranties, promises, or guarantees in relation to the content of any sites that are linked to /from our website(s) unless they are directly controlled by MSCL and, as such, we cannot accept any liability for any such sites.

10. All intellectual property rights and copyright in the material on our website(s) and any/all printed or electronic media belongs to us, unless otherwise stated.