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Cancellation Period

You are entitled to cancel the DSAR Validation Process instructions to Mortgage Securitisation Claims Ltd. (MSCL) at any point, within 14 days of them receiving your signed authorisation and documentation for the DSAR Validation Process.

If you subsequently choose to terminate the instructions, after the 14 day cooling off period has expired, you may do so verbally or in writing and MSCL and/or any assignee's, will immediately cease to act for you. Any/all DSAR documentation received up to the date of cancellation will be destroyed.

If having been advised by MSCL that your MSC has a valid cause of action, and as a result, you have instructed the recommended Panel Law Firm (PLF) to commence your individual MSC and to act for you and, you have signed a separate DBA/CFA or No Win – No Fee agreement* with them, the terms and conditions of that agreement shall remain legal and binding, unless you are formally released by the PLF and/or MSCL from your obligations thereunder, by written agreement.

You are free to cancel your actual Mortgage Securitisation Claim (MSC) at any stage. If legal expenses/disbursements have been incurred by the PLF/MSCL, you will be liable for these costs alone, however, if an offer has already been received from your lender, prior to your cancellation, then you will still be liable for the stated DBA/CFA fees as detailed in the DBA/CFA, unless the offer is rejected by you and a revised offer is given, which must be 20% higher than that we achieved for you, in which case you will owe the PLF or us nothing.

*Note: Cancellation Fees may apply once legal work has started on your case.