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About Mortgage Securitisation Claims Ltd

Following a 5 year, in-house business relationship with Legal Quest plc, Camellus Law LLP was reformed in April 2019, and in September 2019 acquired all interests in Mortgage Securitisation Claims Ltd., in order for it to act as the independent legal case management firm, authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), to be able to act for the existing and new MSC claimants as the direct legal liaison, with the proposed panel law firms, who are intended to be appointed during 2019/2020 to deal with the individual MSC’s.

Mortgage Securitisation Claims Ltd., with Legal Quest plc acting as the SRA authorised Commerce & Industry body, will continue to promote their in-depth knowledge regarding MSC’s and, intend during the coming months, to source as many new potential MSC clients as possible, to determine if they have a valid MSC or not.

Mortgage Securitisation Claims Ltd. will continue to have a close business relationship with Legal Quest plc, who will carry out the initial DSAR validation review for any new MSC applicants, with Camellus Law LLP crediting the previous contribution of £260.00 which was charged by Legal Quest plc, thus making the entire MSC, a truly ‘no cost’ item to the potential MSC claimant(s), until the matter is successful.

Legal Quest will, in addition, continue to prepare the Part 35 Expert report(s), which must be issued by an unrelated party, who have no interest in the ultimate outcome of any particular MSC, in order to be fair, unbiased and factual.

The approved costs for the preparation of the Part 35 report, in the amount of £5,500.00 + VAT (against which the previous contribution of £260.00 from the claimant was credited) being covered by the panel law firm and only recovered from the MSC claimant in the event of a successful claim, at settlement/award point.

Our Legal Experts

The Legal Directors are well respected Solicitors with an extensive knowledge of the complexities of Mortgage Securitisation and have direct access to a panel of qualified external Part 35 Experts and academic professionals, in order to provide additional support and advocacy to all parties.

Nicholas Chadwyck-Healey

Legal Director

Martin Block - LL.B (Hons)

Legal Director